What Now?

With Health Care Reform passed, many will ask themselves “Now What”? The Health Care Reform was merely a battle in the large battle. Now we focus on the State legislators as well as up coming elections. 38 states have legislation currently underway to opt out of Obamacare. 2 of those 38 have already passed their legislation.
Florida and Virginia have said that they will file lawsuits against the reform on bases of unconstitutionality. The Senate is also investigating a rules violation since Reconciliation can only be used on revenue bills. Do not give up hope or the will to fight, this war is far from over. We must continue in our great struggle, many things can happen from the acts above.
All else fails, do not follow the bill. It is an unconstitutional law and thus we do not have to follow it. But, I feel it will not come to that. We will win the battle against the bill as well as the war. The Congressmen and Senators have shown their true colors and have shown us who will need to find a new job.
I urge everyone to call the Democrats that did vote against the bill and thank them for doing what is right and standing up for our rights. We will remember in November. We must continue to fight to restore the system our founding fathers gave us. We must to continue to tell them “DON’T TREAD ON ME”.

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