No Where Near The Time

Many people have been accused these past days of threats. I don’t believe these stories to be true, merely lies to poke at the Tea Parties to get a reaction. They want revolution so that they can put in martial law and whatever else they want to throw in.

The founders did many things before they had to take up arms. They protested the unfair taxes. They had their slogan “NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION”. They held the Boston Tea Party. Even after the Boston massacre they didn’t take up their arms. They Declared their Independence after many letters of protest back to England and the King.

It wasn’t until Paul Revere road through the streets yelling “THE BRITISH ARE COMING, THE BRITISH ARE COMING” that they had to take up their arms in defense. We are no where near that point and God willing we never will be. The founders gave us the Bill of Rights which guaranteed that we wouldn’t have to take up our arms against the government on our soil. They made sure we could peacefully protest and petition the government.

They gave us the greatest power in the world, the power to vote who got in there. We’ve fallen asleep at the wheel and they’ve taken control. We still hold the power though. Many people will say remember in November. This is true, but July is just as important. If we don’t get the right people in July, we’ll have the lesser of 2 evils in November.

We will not raise up our arms and storm the capital as they are hoping. We will continue to stand on the lawn, holding our signs. We will continue to unite for the fight and chant as our founders did “DON’T TREAD ON ME”.


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