The Rights of Man

Our founding fathers believed in the rights of man. Europe believed in the rights of men. A lot of difference with one letter. The rights of man is the right of the individual while the rights of men is the rights and wellness of the collective over the individual. The rights of man is the needs of the one out weighs the needs of the many.

If it were not for this ideal, we would not of had America and the documents that lead us as a nation today. At the time, this was a radical idea. It had been attempted but always done wrong, never looking out for the individual. The founders found a way to make it work. They created a Constitutional Representative Republic. They looked to many different systems throughout history, and took a lesson from each one that helped form what we call the Constitution.

James Madison is known as the father of the Constitution, and rightly so. He was influenced by the Federalist Papers which Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and himself wrote. He received over 200 books from his long time friend Thomas Jefferson who was in France at the time. It was influences like these that gave him the idea for the Virginia Plan and later the Constitution.

The Constitution was a work of genius, but some believed it was a missing a confirmation of those individual rights. After 2 years, the Bill of Rights was added. The Constitution combined with the Bill of Rights created a system that no nation has been able to match. Many have tried, and America has attempted to help along the way, but none have come close. We are fortunate to have been blessed with these founders and the ideals that they had and came up with. It is these ideals that created the slogan that was displayed on our first unofficial national flag. “DON’T TREAD ON ME”.


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