Who Do You Think You Are?

Who do you think you are DC? Do you really think you’re in control? Do you really think that you could keep our place while we turned a blind eye? We’re back and better than ever. Thanks for covering for us, but I think we’ll take it back now. You’ve done a pretty lousy job.

“WE THE PEOPLE…” is how the founders started the Constitution. They wanted to put it out there in the very beginning that the people were in control, no one or anything else. They set it up that the Federal Government was the weakest, then the States, and the strongest of all, the People.

We’ve fallen asleep for the past 100 years. We had a small reawakening in the 80’s with Reagan and then went right back asleep. Now we’re awake and we can never go back. It is up to us to tell our children what we’ve done here to defend our country and there’s and our liberty. We must teach them to do the same and never let their guard down. We can never let this happen again.

People may think that we’re not succeeding. They may think we’re not making a difference, but we are. Look at any news network. Good or bad, they’re talking about the Tea Party Movement. They’re talking about millions of people standing together to defend what the founders set up over 200 years ago.

We are having our revolution right now. We are at the deciding point of our future. Whether to continue to let the Federal Government become a tyrannical form or to go back to what we should be, a free Constitutional Representative Republic. We must continue to march on and fight. We must continue to fly that American flag along the with the very first flag of our country, “DON’T TREAD ON ME”.


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