What’s Needed

The problems have been pointed out numerous times, as they should be. But it comes time that we find out solutions. I am blessed to live in a state that has solutions popping up in numerous places. We don’t need more career politicians. We don’t need more people who disregard the Constitution. We don’t need politicians. We need people who will represent the people, who will read and understand the Constitution, who will read and understand the bills before they vote, who will do extensive research, and who will listen when the American people speak.

The Constitution is the Supreme Law of this land. It should be held to the highest regard in this country and should never be disregarded. The politicians in DC have done that. I have thought through what should be done with the up coming elections. If we should keep the ones that are somewhat good and just get rid of the bad ones or if we should dump them all out and make it a fair game. My opinion is simple, dump them all out. Let the current politicians fight their way back to office. If they are good, they should have no issues, but if they’re bad then they’ll be gone.

Obviously I will never tell anyone how they should decide what to do in an election or anything in their lives. I only offer my opinion and in the end, it’s up to you. We need people who will listen to We The People. Who will not forget that they were once among us and not to let power and greed go to their head. We need people who will not see their position as a job but as an honor. It is an honor to serve this country in this country in any position as George Washington put it.

We also need to stay awake. We can’t elect these people who represent us and then go back to sleep. They may be good people, but we have to keep watch and hold their feet to the fire. We’ve sent good men to DC and seen them change into people who no longer care for us or the Constitution. We have to continue to do what we are doing right now. We must continue to protest and petition. To call and voice our opinions and continue to show we will be here forever. We have to teach our children to do the same. To question with boldness and to keep their freedom and liberty near and dear. If they let them go, they may never get them back.

We have to point out the wrong things and push for them to be made right. We must hold true to our principles and the Constitution. If we don’t, then we’re right back to square one with the progressives. We have to teach the founders and the founding documents. We can’t allow the teachers and the “experts” to teach us, we must teach ourselves. We must do all of these things and lastly hold true to the ideals and beliefs our founders had. Without those, we would not be America. Without those “DON’T TREAD ON ME” would have never been said.


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