This week in Morgan Hill, California, 5 students were sent home from Oak High School for wearing American Flag T-shirts and bandannas on Cinco de Mayo. Assistant Principal Miguel Rodriguez asked them to remove the bandannas and they complied when he asked them to accompany him to his office. They were told to turn their shirts inside out or be suspended. The boys politely told Rodriguez that doing so would be disrespectful. Rodriguez then proceeded to call their parents to send them home. His reason was he didn’t want fights breaking out between Mexican-Americans and the boys because that day was sensitive to Mexican-Americans because it’s suppose to be their holiday. Even though one of the boys is half-Mexican.

For one, we’re all Americans, no matter where you’re from. Then, since when in America can we not display our own colors. It’s bad enough telling someone else they can’t but now we can’t even show our own because “it’s someone else’s holiday”? If you want to show your heritage, show it every day and not on just one day.

We’ve seen this happen before with the three Navy Seals that were tried for a terrorist getting a bloody lip. We’ve seen it when our own people are treated as terrorist and then we give the real terrorist tax paid lawyers.  And in this case, they are once again attacking the youth and saying that it’s  wrong to be patriotic. They don’t have to go after the one’s who currently have the ability to think for themselves and understand. All they have to do is get the future under their hold and then they can rule all.

We have to educate the youth on liberty, freedom, and what the founders created. We have to teach them about the evils of tyranny.When I do the Pledge of Allegiance in school, I watch as many stay seated and don’t take the pledge, and then others that just joke around. We have to educate why these things are important. We have to ensure that the future is secure with liberty and not tyranny.


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