United States of Mexico?

With the arrival of Mexican President Felipe Calderon, came many slams to the Arizona Immigration Law not only in a press conference but in our own Congress. The Mexican President made an address to a joint session of Congress where he talked about Mexico working on making a crack down on the drug cartels and guns but also about how we should pass a “comprehensive immigration reform”, otherwise known as Amnesty.

Never in our history have we allowed a leader, or anyone else, from another country come in our country and go in our Congress and tell them what they should and shouldn’t do. What effort has Mexico made to stop these Illegals? Nothing. But then to tell us what to do, to tell our elected officials to ignore the people who elected you and listen to me, that is what Global Government is. No one stepped up to defend Arizona and it’s right as a sovereign state to make its own laws that mirror that of the Federal Government.

What’s even more shaking is the fact that not a single Representative or Senator walked out of this mockery of an address. They all sat quietly without objection. I can understand politeness and such but when someone who has no say in our affairs, especially in our states, comes in and tells us to do something and that we’re just bad people, politeness goes out the door. WALK OUT.

It is acts like this that our government continues to allow and then apologize for us being America. For us being free and actually standing against tyranny. It is time we stand up and say no to these leaders of other nations. It’s time we tell them that we no longer apologize and that we will stand up for our country and our states.


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