When the World Condemns

In the World today, there is a state and a country that are both under fire by the World and the United States. The state is Arizona and the country is Israel. Arizona is under fire from Mexico, China, and the US for its Illegal Immigration Law. It’s been called an act against human and civil rights. Israel is being condemned by everyone even its long-standing ally, the US. It’s “crime”, boarding a ship that was attempting to break through a barricade after refusing to be searched.

Both have the rights to defend their land. And both have done so without any doubts that they are doing what is right and what everyone else would do under the same situation. But both are being condemned by the Progressives, Communist, Socialist, Fascist, and Global elite of the world.

In the case of Israel, it seems the world has forgotten that the Islamic extremist and much of the Muslim world has said that the Jews should die. The world has forgotten that this was once tried by Nazi Germany. They also forget that every power that has gone against the Jews has fallen. Ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire, Nazi Germany, and the Soviet Union have all fallen as a result of their targeting of the Jews. Now the US is turning it’s back on the Jewish Nation and all Jews of the world and as a result, we are in a failing economy and everyday our rights are infringed on.

President Obama does not stand up for Israel but for the terrorist that his Administration say do not exist. He doesn’t stand up for the state rights of Arizona but instead says he takes no sides but continues to find a way to bring a legal case against Arizona. My message to Israel is simple. President Obama may say he is speaking on behalf of the American People but he is not. We do not like the way he is treating you and your nation. We do not support Hamas. We stand behind you, the chosen people of God.

We have to get back to our roots. Our Founders used much of the system that the Israelites had come up with. Thomas Jefferson even submitted a Seal for the US that had the ties to the story of Moses and the Anglo Saxons. We can not turn our back on history or the Jewish Nation. If we do, we will fall much like the ancient powers and then we will be the ones condemned.


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