The Real Crisis

As an oil spill is happening in the gulf, Vice President Biden and Chief of Staff Emanuel were having a beach party and playing with water guns. Meanwhile the economy is going down and Americans are being subject to an oppressive government. We’ve seen a response to “crisis” much like that of Biden and Emanuel throughout these 2 years.

They said that we were out of the worst of the recession yet the DOW continues to fall along with the employment rate. They say that over 400,000 temporary government jobs is the economy coming back up. They also say that they were on the oil spill the very first day. But, the economy is still bad and the oil spill is still happening as a result of government interference.

Now, BP is to blame for the oil spill, but the reason for it taking so long to clean up can be blamed partly on the government. It took 3 days for the President to approve the “Top Kill” operation after saying they should and have acted quickly. BP has offered many solutions but the Administration and EPA say that they are not environmentally sound and to try something else. I guess according to them that the oil in the ocean is safer than a solution to clean it up.

Through these 2 years, America has been through many stupid reactions, speeches, comments, actions, and so-called logic from Obama and his cronies. And for those 2 years, Americans have clearly shown their objection to the stupidity coming out of DC, but DC pretends to not listen. Well, this year is the year to really make it loud. We are going to make them deaf by our votes.

There are those in DC who do understand America’s anger and will to get back to our founding ideals. We have seen them through these 2 years and with our movement we have given them the support of knowing that we do care and we are watching. So the comment we need to give DC this year and simply the following:

“Dear DC,

We are tired of the corruption and stupidity you have given us. We stepped away for a long time while our grandparents sat and wondered what was going on in our country. We allowed you to destroy it and put Progressive ideals into our schools and people. Well, we are back to tell you that we are awake and we have return to take our country back. We want to thank you for watching it in our absence but we’ve realised we never should have left it you or anyone else in the first place. We are here to tell you the founders were right and that we will be going back to their ideals, not yours. So, please take a hike, and never come back.


Forever, We The People”


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