True Act of Treason

With Congress coming back from session, it only took Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) 3 days to commit an atrocious act. In a post on his website and a tweet to Lady Gaga, he stated that he is going to add an amendment to the end of H.R.5136, National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2011. The amendment he wants to add is the DREAM Act, that would create a path to citizenship for some undocumented immigrants that serve in the military or earn a college degree.

Now what does the DREAM Act have to do with funding for our men and women in the armed forces? Absolutely nothing. The reason for adding this amendment to the end of this funding bill is that way Republicans have to vote for it because what Republican would vote against funding our troops? When this bill was voted on in the last session of Congress, it fell 8 votes short of the 60 needed to preempt a filibuster threat. Since then, 4 of the 9 Republicans who voted for the bill have left the Senate, while all 9 of the Democrats who voted “no” are still around. Furthermore, at least one Democrat who voted in favor last time, Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE), is now firmly against it.

Now many have asked, “What does the DREAM Act do exactly?” Well, here are the criteria:

The bill would automatically grant “conditional permanent resident status to any undocumented immigrant who is meets all of the following criteria:

  • is under 35 years of age
  • has graduated high school or earned a GED
  • has been in the U.S. for at least 5 years prior to the date the law takes effect
  • was 16 years of age or younger when they entered the U.S.
  • is “a person of good moral charecter”
  • has not been under a judicial order of deportation since before they were 16.

The temporary resident status for people meeting these criteria would be good for a period of 6 years. After that time, if a person granted residency under the DREAM Act can be granted permanent citizenship status if they can show that they accomplish at least on of these things (from the bill text):

(i) The alien has acquired a degree from an institution of higher education in the United States or has completed at least 2 years, in good standing, in a program for a bachelor’s degree or higher degree in the United States.

(ii) The alien has served in the uniformed services for at least 2 years and, if discharged, has received an honorable discharge.

If not, they are automatically returned to their prior undocumented status when the 6-year period is up.

Basically offering more incentives to illegals to come to our country illegally. Not only that, but it always illegal immigrants to serve in our military. Now, how can we trust an illegal immigrant to fight for our rights and freedoms when they have already violated those rights and freedoms by coming into the country illegally? When the Roman Empire conquered a region, it did one of two things with the residence of that regions. They would enslave them or make the serve in the military. Thus, when the fall of the Roman Empire came, many of the conquered soldiers revolted against the Roman Government with the very weapons that government had given them.

This truly is an act of treason by Harry Reid. He is holding our troops ransom to get the Hispanic vote in the November election. According to a Pew Hispanic Center report from 2006, Mexicans make up 57 percent of the undocumented immigrants. Another 24 percent are from other Latin American countries.

He is holding our troops ransom to commit an act of treason that our men and women of the armed forces die to stop every day. He is playing politics with the very money that could save the lives of our troops. He is willing to let them die to gain political points. If Nevada reelect Harry Reid, they truly deserve the corruption and hassle they will get from it. This is a true act of treason not just against the American citizens but against the American citizens who sacrifice every day in our armed forces to protect our freedom and liberty.


3 thoughts on “True Act of Treason

  1. The United States government has not enforced its immigration laws, so it is as much to blame as the illegal immigrants for the violation of those laws. De jure regulations that go unenforced cease to be laws de facto, so people just ignore them. Children of illegal immigrants are not to blame for their parents’ decisions. Many of them have been here almost their entire lives and are as American as natural born Americans. It would be wrong to send them back to a country they know little about or to let them stay here and at the same time leave them in a permanent state of dubious legal status. The U.S. government must provide a way to give these children legal status. The Dream Act seems like a good way. It does not encourage more illegal immigration because it would pertain only to those who have already been her more than five years. At the same time, the U.S. government must stop the flow of illegal immigrant to prevent this problem from occurring again.
    I do not agree with Harry Reid’s tactic of attaching the Dream Act to the end of a defense spending bill. It is just a slimey way to do things.

  2. “Many of them have been here almost their entire lives and are as American as natural born Americans.”

    I have to disagree there because are they being taught American ideals? No, they’re being taught how they are an oppressed people and thus fall right in the Progressives hands and are pawns to them.

    “It does not encourage more illegal immigration because it would pertain only to those who have already been her more than five years.”

    The bill does state that it would only pertain to those that have been here for more than five years. But how do you prove an illegal, someone that is undocumented and has no real records, has been here for more than five years? Many illegals have falsified documents and if one illegal moves from a house, another moves right in and thus the name and time spent in that house do not change according to documents.

    Both sides are at fault when it comes to illegal immigration. The Government’s for not securing our boarder but also for the incentives they’ve created to help illegals when they get here. The illegal immigrants fault for not getting in line like many others and following our system. The legalization process can take a length of time, but if they want it so much, I think they’d be willing to wait as many others have. For the unknown millions that are already here illegally, there’s no way we can get all of them and send them back to their countries, so we put them in the back of the line for legalization and allow them to work here. And by doing so they will no longer avoid the taxes that they don’t pay as an illegal. Many illegals are good people and hard working, but they need to obey and respect our laws and become a citizen the correct way.

    • It should be easy for children to demonstrate how long they have been here by using government school records. After all, even illegal immigrants get free education in this country. If they cannot prove that they have been here for the required five years, then the law should not cover them. At the same time, I can see your point, that using a home address may be unreliable and I don’t know what the specific requirements are in the bill. I agree that progressives play games with class, race, and disadvantaged status, but a child who has lived here since the age of two is no less American than natural born Americans. Nor has he been taught anything different than natural born Americans are taught in school.
      Do not misunderstand me though, I do think that it is extremely important for immigrants to follow the proper procedures to live in the U.S. or become a citizen. I also think that progressive handouts are one of the main culprits for encouraging the influx of illegal immigrants.

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