Why Not Having The Senate Is Good

Last night’s elections was a historic moment in our country. It was the American people standing up and saying they are tired of the socialist agenda. That they want real change and not politics as usual. Republicans gained control of the House and the Democrats will keep control of the Senate, with a few elections in both still being determined. Now obviously the Democrats hold the Presidency and so the question that comes is what will happen now.

My prediction is this, with control of the House, Republicans will be able to defund Obamacare and stop the bailouts and stimulus packages. They will most likely pass a bill to repeal Obamacare but I doubt it will get through the Senate. If it does get through the Senate then Obama will veto it. The House will be able to get bills going to fund and secure our border. They’ll be able to cut the funding to government agencies that should not exist. Now the question is if those bills could get through the Senate and then passed the President’s desk.

Now the reason I say it’s good that Republicans do not have control of the Senate is this. With control of the Senate, Republicans could get all these bills through Congress but then one of two things would happen. Either Obama would repeal them and then the message in 2012 would be that Republicans didn’t fix anything, or Obama would pass these bills and take the credit for them working as Clinton did when he was President.

With Republicans only having control of the House they can get to work on defunding these bills, laws, and agencies. They can get legislation together and passed that is right and within their authority as defined in Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution. Now when these bills go to the Senate and fail, Republicans can have some power in 2012. Their message would be something like this:

“Look at the work we have done in the House. We have done exactly as the American said and have worked to repeal Obamcare. We’ve worked to secure our border and to stop the bailouts and stimulus packages and to get our economy back to a free market system. But you have not seen these things happen because the Democrat controlled Senate and the Democrat controlled White House have not let these things happen as you, American people, wanted. So we need your help this election. In 2010 you helped by taking your country back, now we need your help to take it back all the way. To get these things passed we need your help to get the Senate and the Presidency.”

Now, that message sounds like the message we’ve heard for years from both parties. That things will be all better if we give them total control. The key difference is going to be this, if the Republicans in the House do exactly as they have promised and as we tell them. The other key is electing Senators and a President that isn’t about party loyalty but is about the people. By doing that, we ensure that Republicans won’t have control of the government to do business as usual.

The American people turned out yesterday and gave their voice very clearly. We are not supporting the Republican party, we are opposing Progressives and Socialist. And just as quickly as we took the Progressives out, we can take the Republicans out. As many Republicans have admitted, this is the last chance the Republican party has, so they better get it right or the Republican party will be extinct.

Our next step is to not go back to sleep but to hold their feet to the fire. We have to call them, no matter what the issue or bill coming up. Wither they support or oppose it, we have to call them and let them know what we want them to do. So make sure you have your Senators and your Representative on your contact list on your phone. You have to let them know what your want. We can not go back to sleep, we must stay engaged and make sure that our country doesn’t go back to the way the Progressives have made it.


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