Did It Change Things?

It’s been a week now since President Obama announced that Usama Bin Laden had been killed by US Armed Forces. Throughout the week, we’ve been told some contradicting details as to what exactly happened in the raid. A few of those contradictions being whether Bin Laden shot back or simply resisted, what the cause of the helicopter malfunction was, and if Bin Laden’s wife was killed in the raid or not. The follow is the contradictions:

  • White House counter terrorism adviser John Brennan told reporters Monday that Bin Laden’s son Khalid was killed in the raid. When the White House released a transcript of Brennan’s briefing, the name had been corrected to that of another son, Hamza.
  • Brennan said Bin Laden’s wife died while shielding the terrorist leader from U.S. gunfire. Carney said Tuesday that the wife hadn’t died and was merely shot in the leg, although another woman did die. But it wasn’t clear that either of them was trying to shield bin Laden.
  • Brennan and other officials suggested that bin Laden was holding a gun and even firing at U.S. forces. Carney said Tuesday that bin Laden was unarmed.
  • Officials have offered varying accounts of how President Barack Obama and his team in the White House Situation Room were able to monitor the raid. Without providing details on the technology involved, Brennan said that “we were able to monitor in a real-time basis the progress of the operation from its commencement to its time on target to the extraction of the remains and to then the egress off of the target.”

CIA Director Leon Panetta told PBS on Tuesday that “Once those teams went into the compound, I can tell you that there was a time period of almost 20 or 25 minutes that we really didn’t know just exactly what was going on.”

  • The night of the raid, administration officials held a telephone briefing for reporters. “During the raid, we lost one helicopter due to mechanical failure,” one of the administration officials said. Later in the same call, another official contradicted that: “We didn’t say it was mechanical.”

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, clarified Tuesday that the explanation was more technical: The air temperature in the compound was hotter than expected and the helicopter was too heavy to stay aloft under that condition.

We were also told that US forces had given Bin Laden a burial at sea in compliance with Islamic Law, even though he was not a Muslim. Navy officers cleaned the body, wrapped the body in a white cloth, and dumped the body into the ocean. A majority of Americans would say this is way more than Bin Laden deserved, and they would be right. But, this displayed the high-class that America has and went against much of what is said of us by Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations.

Nearly a day after the killing news broke about photos of Bin Laden’s body and a video of his burial at sea. The word was that these photos would be released to the general public. But after a few days of back and forth, it was decided that the photos would not be released because they were, “…too graphic and would inflame the Muslim people.” Meanwhile, Reuters obtained pictures from the Pakistani government of men shot and killed lying in pools of blood which can be found here. I warn you that if you look at these pictures, they are graphic.

Another argument to not release the photos is that deniers of Bin Laden’s death would still find reasons to deny it. Quite frankly, I think these stances call into question what exactly the White House does and does not have. If they do have the photos, then how is Barack Obama and others in government so privileged to be the only ones to see these photos? We the People are the government’s boss and we should be the ones to decide if those pictures should be released. And from the multiple polls and surveys that I’ve seen, a majority wants them released. I also ask how can we further inflame a people who wish us dead? No matter what we show or do not show, they will continue to fire at our military and continue to attack us through terrorist attacks.

I congratulate and thank the United States military, especially the Seal team and pilots that participated in this operation. I congratulate and thank President Bush and President Obama. President Bush, who began this man hunt, and President Obama who made the call rather than wait and lose Bin Laden. But, the fact Bin Laden is dead does not correct the wrongs that have been committed by both Presidents. We still have a $14.3 trillion dollar debt. We still have a $1.4 trillion deficit. We still have a Congress that does not listen to the will of the people. We still have the Progressive agenda being pushed in our schools and our Nation. We must continue to tell them WAKE UP AND SMELL THE TEA. This is a mighty victory but it is not in the current war that matters, the war for our Nation and the values it was founded upon.


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