Will You Stand?

This past weekend, we saw the beginning of what is being deemed as “The Arab Spring.” Israeli soldiers had to defend their border from an onslaught of Palestinian riots from the West Bank, Gaza, Syria, and Jordan. All of these riots starting on the anniversary of Israel’s Declaration of Independence in 1948. Thousands of Palestinians with bandannas on their faces and carrying Palestinian flags charged the borders of Israel. Israeli soldiers fired off tear gas towards the rioters and fired only when absolutely necessary. Reports indicate that about 15 people were killed while hundreds were injured. All of this going on while many Arab countries are facing riots from citizens who are organizing under the title of “democracy.” Reports indicate that these riots also shadowed people who truly were trying to gain entry into Israel so that they may live in peace rather than the unstable countries they live in.

Now the question is, if Israel is as bad as the radicals say, why are Palestinian people trying to gain entry to live there? Simple, Israel isn’t what they say it is. In a recent poll done in Jerusalem, where Muslims take care of the Muslim sites, Jews take care of the Jewish sites, and Christians take care of the Christian sites, about 80% of Arabs said that they wanted to stay under Israeli rule over Arab rule. Why is this? Because Arabs, Jews, and Christians live in unity in Jerusalem. They are all able to practice religious freedom and not be persecuted for their views but rather respected for them.

But, what is it that the radicals and terrorist are pushing for? What solution do they call for so that “peace” may be achieved? A two state solution is exactly what is being called for now. Under a two state solution, Israel would draw the lines of Israel back to the pre-1967 borders. Hamas leader Khaled Meshal calls for a two state solution but refuses to call for an end of the violence toward Israel and won’t indicate if a two state solution would end the conflict. Under Palestinian rule, religious monuments such as the garden tomb, the tomb the Catholics and the Greek Orthodox say was the tomb in Golgotha, the nativity scene, the Mount of Olives, the Garden of Gethsemane, the temple mount, the Wailing Wall. You’ll not be able to see any of it. Just ask the Taliban how well they maintained the giant Buddha statues. History would be erased from the area under a two state solution.

Meanwhile, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had talks with Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez to place a missile launch site in Venezuela. Ahmadinejad is doing this because he says that if sanctions are placed upon Iran, then Iran will strike their enemy. With the United States being the leader for sanctions against Iran, we are that enemy. History is repeating itself. This is the modern-day “Cuban Missile Crisis.” Iran is ready to bring back what they call the Twelfth Imam, and they believe the only way to do that is through bloodshed. Israel is fighting a people who are not afraid to die for their beliefs, so we can’t merely stand on the premise of mutually assured destruction as we did with the Soviet Union. So what can we do?

We have to stand with Israel and proclaim to the world that we are backing them all the way. Israel is the front-lines for freedom; if they fall then we fall. That is why they call us the Big Satan and Israel the Little Satan; they hold us hand in hand. Whatever they do to one, they will do to the other. A reason Israel has lasted so long when they are surrounded by enemies is because the enemies have been busy fighting each other. But with the recent rise up of revolutions, the Muslim Brotherhood and those who think like them are taking over and soon it will be a unified force against Israel. We cannot let Israel stand alone. For some, there are biblical reasons for standing with Israel, for others it is the sheer thought that Israel means freedom and liberty for all, much like the United States. If we do not stand now, how will history look at us when both Israel and the United States fall to totalitarian control? Will we be Americans and honor our history of winning the lost cause, or will simply bow down and be slapped around like the wimps we have become? Only you can answer those questions. Many have already answered and are taking action to stand with Israel. So will you stand as well?


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