Who Can Not Be President?

In the Republican Presidential Debate Thursday night, a certain candidate stated that if Iran wanted a nuke, then they could have one.

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) would condemned both the United States and Israel to a nuclear attack is he were President. He claims that Iran simply wants it for their defense but apparently Ron Paul doesn’t understand what Iran means by the word “defense”. So, it’s time to not only educate Ron Paul, but his followers as well as to what Ron Paul would be doing if he were President.

Iranian Basij Brigadier General Mohammad-Reza Naghdi wants Israel destroyed. Naghdi has claimed that protecting Iran’s security is dependent upon wiping the “Zionist region” “off the map.” In response to Rezaiinejad’s death, Naghdi allegedly said:

“The main plot for this criminal act was conceived by the American government, and since it is scared of the reaction by the Muslim world due to the uprisings in the region, it had the Zionist regime commit the heinous act…we have no option but to have the Zionist regime wiped off the map.”

Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has claimed many times that he wants Israel wiped off the face of the map. He also believes in the 12th Imam and that only mass blood shed and chaos will bring about the 12th Imam faster. If Iran was given a nuke, with it’s President and top military leaders saying that Israel should be wiped off the face of the map, calling them the Little Satan and us the Big Satan, who exactly do you think they are going to use the nuke on. They do not want it for defense but rather to start a war and eliminate their enemies.

Many would claim that this would never happen on the premise of Mutually Assured Destruction that was used during the Cold War. But the radical musliums who wants both Israel and ourselves dead aren’t afraid to die. They believe that Allah is calling for them to die while killing infidels. If they are not afraid to strap a bomb to their chest and kill their own family members and call it a honor killing, then how can we feel safe knowing that they will have no reservations to launch that nuke at us. Iran has already reached a deal for a missile base in Venezuela and has stated that this is because if sanctions were placed upon them, they would see it as a declaration of war. Iran gets a nuke and we will have another situation much like we did with the Soviet Union during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

This also after a lawsuit has been filed by 9/11 victims families against Iran as evidence has come out that Iran was involved in the 9/11 attacks. If Iran was involved in a tragic attack like 9/11, just imagine what they could and would do with a nuke. We are dealing with people who mean it when they say that they are going to kill you. But Ron Paul and his followers fail to see the dangers of Iran getting a nuke. There are 3 major reasons radical muslims hate us, we have military in their area, we are allies with Israel, and the fact that their religion says to kill the infidels. This is why Ron Paul can not be President and shouldn’t even be in this country. He is willing to sacrifice our safety because he is ignorant of what Iran would do with a nuke. So to Ron Paul and his followers, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE TEA.


3 thoughts on “Who Can Not Be President?

  1. You can’t be the policeman of the world. Give it up, Neo-Con. You can’t afford it anymore. Israel needs to take care of Israel… and the U.S. REALLY needs to take of the U.S. . How much liberty are you willing to sacrifice for security? Are you really that afraid of a country who can’t even afford to make it’s own gas? Do you really think Iran is unaware of the retaliation that would reign down upon it like hell from the sky if they ever launched a nuke? Trust me, they know… and just like every other “boogie man”, they’ll never launch anything. Now, I do happen to remember a certain country that dropped an atomic bomb one time, but they were the “good” guys, right?

  2. A little history for everyone: The first reason the author gives, why “radical muslims hate us”, because we have military in their areas, was basically taboo, it was not accepted by anyone or even being discussed until Ron Paul said it during the debates.in the last election cycle. (2008)

    Rudy Giuliani, to much applause, became enraged and demanded Ron Paul apologize, but Ron Paul would not back down during the debate, he insisted that our foreign policy creates what the cia calls “blowback”. The next day in a press conference Paul had a reading list that he was sending to Giuliani, one of the books was the report of the U.S. 911 commission, which said the same thing Paul had said, “they attack us because we are over there”. He basically took Giuliani out of the race with that, 911 was all Giuliani had going for him, and he hasn’t come into this race either.

    We have stupidly given Israel nukes. They have 300 nukes, some of them are probably “tactical” types meant to limit damage to a smaller area but which have never been “field tested”. But Israel also has all our other best military weapons, from F-16 fighter jets to tanks and drones. They have taken out an Iranian reactor before, without our help.

    Our sanctions have not deterred Iran from doing whatever they want, the sanctions have only made us more bitter enemies. We used to do a lot of trade with Iran, I worked for a company in 1978/9 that did a lot of biz there and had to close down when Iran had a revolution against a dictator that we propped up there for 25 years, the Shah. If we were able to trade with the Iranian people & companies, and talk to their governmental leaders, be friends instead of being hostile to them, we would all be better off, and in a better position to negotiate on other matters.

    I believe that Ron Paul’s opinions on this issue, for which he has been excoriated in this most recent debate, will be widely accepted as fact and used as material in the next primary season just as the blowback issue has been used here by this author.

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